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Patient Information

Your First Visit

Upon your first visit to Core Physical Therapy in Evansville, WI, you can expect to be welcomed into our comforting, relaxing clinic where we will start by conducting a thorough evaluation of your condition and listen to your concerns and goals.

Keep in mind that you can visit us with or without a doctor’s referral in your insurance allows.

You will have a thorough evaluation at your initial meeting, We will discuss our recommended program of treatment with you and you will receive your first hands on physical therapy treatment and activity modifications at this time.

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that will allow the physical therapist to examine the injured area.

Bring with you a list of any prescribed medicines that you are currently taking as well as over-the-counter medications you take regularly.

You will be asked to complete a patient intake packet, which the demographic portion can be completed here: 


We accept most major insurance providers including, Medicare, Medicaid, some hospital systems’ coverage, most private insurances, Worker’s Compensation.

If you are not sure about your coverage, call our office and we can help you check.



Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Extended hours are available to meet your needs.

Closed on weekends.       



Thank-you for understanding my goals

“When I was injured on the job, it was a devastating time for myself and my family. We live on a farm and in addition to the work I did during the day, I was used to helping out with chores in the evening. My serious back pain was stopping me from doing everything I needed to be doing.

I explained my situation to the team at Core Physical Therapy and they really listened and tailored a program to help me get back to my normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. They worked with my Worker’s Compensation representative to ensure than when I was able to return to work, I did not risk re-injury by doing too much too fast.

Once I was healed, they helped me help myself with therapeutic exercises that I continue to do to keep my back strong. I also learned more about proper ways to lift heavy objects, and when to get help.

I guess I didn’t expect to find a physical therapist who really made an effort to understand me and my lifestyle. I am grateful to Blase Strobl and his team for giving me the best of care.”

  • Tom S.


Knee replacement recovery went better than expected

“I live an active life normally, but the pain that preceded my knee replacement surgery forced me to compromise. I asked around about how I could recover as fast and as thoroughly as possible after my surgery and I was referred to Core Physical Therapy.

It sure worked well for me, and I want to say a heart-felt thank you to the team there who worked with me to help me recovery permanently and thoroughly. I am walking easily again without any assistance and getting back safely to my long morning walks which I love so much.

Thanks to a very professional team who made me laugh and enjoy myself through what could have been a tense time.”

  • Anita T.


Getting back to golfing

“The pain of frozen shoulder was so debilitating I thought I would never golf again.

I checked out Core Physical Therapy, not sure if anyone could help me, and before I knew it they had done a complete evaluation, explained to me what they had to do to fix the problem, and started treatments.

I felt relief almost instantly and when golfing season came around again, unbelievably I was able to get back to my favorite sport again.

I’m grateful for not only the care I received, but also for the exercises they prescribed to help me prevent from having a recurring problem.

It’s wonderful to be back on the greens!

  • Eric A.
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